Explosive Insights: Expert Predicts Shortened Conflict Despite Russian Military Challenges!


    He derives this perspective from a thorough data analysis, with a specific focus on the adversary. Budanov rejects the notion of a protracted war, stating, “I do not support the assumption that this will become a long-lasting conflict. This is my personal viewpoint, grounded in our data analysis, primarily concerning the enemy,” as reported by Interfax-Ukraine.

    Furthermore, Budanov commented on the state of the Russian military, indicating that their ability to sustain prolonged operations is limited. He remarked, “The concept of a professional army, in the broad sense, ceased to exist last autumn; they are now fighting as a mobilized force. This is an evident reality. Moreover, the production of new weaponry and equipment is insufficient. What they declare and attempt to showcase is not accurate,” he further explained.

    10september ukraine


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