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Elephant Beach Havelock Island | Things To Do | Best Time To Visit | Activities | How To Reach-2023


Elephant Beach Havelock Island :-

is one of the key attractions situated on Havelock Island, in Andaman and Nicobar. Step-by-step instructions to Reach Elephant Beach From Port BlairElephant Beach on Havelock Island is one of the most segregated and clean sea shores of Andaman. Get subtleties on this excellent seashore previously. 

Elephant seashore is the best spot to visit in the Andaman Islands and you will discover a great deal of Indians and outside nationals here. About Elephant Beach Havelock Island India, opening times, section charge, approx trip spending plan, exercises to do at Elephant Beach, Itineraries, how to reach, close by.

Elephant Beach Havelock Island
Elephant Beach

Elephant Beach:

From banana pontoon rides to outlandish marine life, Elephant Beach Andaman has everything. Just loosen up and unwind on those white sands circumscribed by clear blue, green waters.

Elephant Beach is arranged on Havelock Island. The Island is considered the biggest of islands that comprise Ritchie’s Archipelago a chain of islands, lying on the eastern side of Great Andaman. Havelock lies towards the North East of Port Blair a good way of 57 km. Elephant Beach is among its most mainstream seashores that are thronged by many travelers. The organization of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands centers particularly around Havelock Island to advance the eco-the-travel industry.

On the off chance that you are at Elephant Beach Havelock Island and have not visited Elephant Beach, at that point you are positively passing up some incredible fun. The seashore is known for its intriguing marine life and excellent corals. Besides, the seashore is ideal for swimming. The astounding coral reef along the delightful white sand seashore in the shallow waters is not to be missed. You will find that the seashore is as yet not moved by corporate greed and the gloats of a tranquil and peaceful environment.

Elephant Beach Havelock Island

Things to do at Elephant Beach:

Go for Water Activities:

Elephant Beach is popular for its water exercises and experience sports. You can go to the ocean strolling and swimming which are two gigantically famous games to be attempted here. Swimming offers you the possibility of encountering the choice of coral reefs of Andaman and outlandish marine animals like fishes, crabs, and even saltwater crocodiles.

At the point when you go for ocean strolling here, make a point to hold fast to the well-being standards and packs given by the providers as you need to jump under profound water and go for a stroll in the ocean. You will see numerous marine animals and corals while strolling in the ocean. You can likewise take an interest in Scuba Diving, which is additionally a hugely well-known water action here.

Elephant Beach Havelock Island

Unwind at the seashore:

If you come here in the winter months, at that point you should sit quietly on the white sand shore of Elephant Beach Havelock Island . It would be a lifetime experience. Swimming and washing up in the ocean are additionally allowed here, yet you can take a rest and watch the magnificence around the seashore. You can likewise attempt the alternatives that the nearby merchants offer in the slows down here.

Go for Boat Riding :

You should contact a vessel to cruise around the Elephant seashore. It’s a wonderful atmosphere and gem blue waters will without a doubt entrance you. Remember to catch the landscape on your camera. Pontoon rides are commonly not very costly on this seashore, however in the pinnacle season the vessel administrators can require any rates, so you should deal with them about the rate.

Elephant Beach Havelock Island

How To Reach Elephant Beach:

Elephant Beach is situated on the North-Western piece of the Havelock Islands and is associated well definitely. If you intend to come here by street, at that point you should take State Highway 4 which associates the seashore with the Havelock Ferry Terminal. On the off chance that you are dropping by water, at that point you ought to get down at Havelock Ferry Ghat and afterward travel to the seashore which is a good way off of just about 10 kilometers. The closest dunce to Elephant Beach is the Veer Savarkar International Airport, which is situated in Port Blair City.

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