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Radhanagar beach

Radhanagar Beach Havelock Island

is among the most excellent seashores in Asia. Situated on Havelock Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Radhanagar Beach in the Andaman Island archipelago is one of the most excellent seashores in India. Lying on the south shoreline of Havelock Island, the seashore …

Radhanagar Beach

Radhanagar Beach:

Granted with the title of ‘Asia’s Best Beach‘ by the TIMES magazine in 2004, Radhanagar Beach Havelock Island with its turquoise blue waters and fine white sands satisfies the moniker. Its immense shores of perpetual white grains stretch crosswise over 2 kilometers, making it a prime fascination of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Situated a good way off of a minor 7 kilometers from the much-loved Vijaynagar Beach and roughly 12 km from the primary Havelock Island, it is a bounce, skips, and hops away to quietness and excellence.

Being found so near the principal Havelock Beach has made it most loved among visitors. It is additionally among the most presumed spots to appreciate water sports in the Andamans. The most ideal approach to reach Radhanagar Beach is through a ship from Havelock Island.

Aside from getting a charge out of the scene of the seashore, guests can likewise appreciate water sports like sailing, parasailing, and scuba plunging. Nourishment slows down and sellers can be seen on the edges of the shore, keeping voyagers invigorated with the arrangement of crisp and tasty fish just as refreshments. You can likewise book seashore beds, parasols, and umbrellas while they go through hours only relaxing at this impeccable wonderland.

Activities at Radhanagar Beach: 

 The child blue waters of the ocean are quiet and welcoming. The seashore is likewise secure with watching lifeguards prepared for salvage. In this way, you can jump into the ocean with no stress on your psyche. Radhanagar Beach Andaman is only contiguous to the Elephant seashore, so you may discover mahouts taking out their elephants for a joyride to the voyagers. On the off chance that you haven’t encountered an elephant ride in any of the seashores of the world, at that point you should attempt this. Radhanagar Beach is likewise probably the best spot to appreciate nightfall.

Radhanagar Beach

How to Reach:

 Radhangar Beach can become to using a sailboat or seaplane from Port Blair. Aside from this, the administration additionally runs ship benefits between Port Blair and Havelock Islands.

Resort & Restaurant In Andaman & Nicobar Island:

  1. Restaurant

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