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Viper Island

Viper Island in Andaman

 is one of the islands of the Andaman and Nicobar island bunches that are a piece of the Indian subcontinent. Investigate Viper Island situated in Port Blair, India… Get total data including history, the best time to visit, prescribed hours, address, timings, and much… ViperIsland – Port Blair close to the Andaman Islands – discover timings, the best season to visit, the time required to visit, separation, close by places, the area with course map …Viper Island is an island of the Andaman Islands… Viper Island has a Jail worked by the Britishers for two or three hundred years before rebuffing bad-to-the-bone crooks and Indian political dissidents…

Viper Island

Viper Island Overview:

A long time before Cellular Jail was built, Viper Island was utilized by the British to keep the political dissidents in a state of banishment. You can, in any case, observe the remaining parts of the prison which was worked in 1867 by the British. The island is stunning and tranquil and got its name from the vessel wherein Lt. Archibald Blair came to Andaman and Nicobar in 1789.

Covering a region of 69 sections of land this lovely island is arranged a good way off of 23.6 kilometers from Port Blair. Legend additionally has it that there were various snake snakes present on the island which is how it got its name.

This lovely island is swarmed by guests as it serves as a magnificent amalgamation of truly huge components and captures the greatness of nature. In this manner, Viper Island is no not exactly an empyrean for both the bugs of history and nature admirers.


Before the cell prison was built, a spot was required by the British for giving serious discipline and that is how Viper Island came into the image. Ross Island was the regulatory focus, and just prison was required which was arranged near Port Blair and Ross Island to trap and show a thing or two to the political dissidents. ViperIsland was a piece of the incomparable Independence history of India and had seen the agony and penances made by the Indian nationals and political dissidents engaged in the opportunity battle.

Viper Island

The island was a little fix of land where the prison was developed on a hillock. This prison was unique from all the others as it was encompassed by water and was silent. Ladies were confined on the premises and the detainees were put through impossible torments.

Today the way of life and stories of the British provincial standard can be found in the remnants of the island.

Light and Sound Show on ViperIsland:

A light and sound show is directed on the island displaying the chronicled occasions from the pre-autonomous period and the settlement of the main regulatory arrangement on the island alongside the major significant occasions that happened here. It is held from Monday to Sunday and stays shut on Wednesday and open occasions. It begins at 5:30 PM and should be seen.

How To Reach:

Viper Island can be come to by taking a pontoon ride from the Phoenix Bay pier which takes 20 minutes. Journey administrations are accessible too to assist guests with getting to different pieces of the island including the jail there.

Viper Island

It takes just a short way from the breakwater to arrive at Viper Island. Port Blair is well-associated with Kolkata, Bhubaneshwar, and Chennai using air. The Chennai flight is the quickest and takes just 2 hours to reach.

Places To Visit In and Around Viper Island:

Samudra Marine Museum- 

New India Café-

Adi Bengali Hotel-

Lighthouse Residency-

Chatham Saw Mill-

Resort & Restaurant In Andaman & Nicobar Island:

  1. Restaurant

Different places to visit in Andaman & Nicobar Island:

1. HavelockIsland 2. Radhanagar Beach 3. Elephant Beach 4. Kala Pathar

 5. Cellular Jail 6. Ross Island 7. Neil Island 8. Viper Island 9. Baratang Island   

10. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports 11. LittleAndaman 12. Barren Island 13. Shopping 

14. Scuba Diving 15. WandoorBeach 16. Corbyn’s Cove Beach 17. Parrot Island   

18. Jolly Buoy Island 19. Chidiya Tapu 20. Samudrika NavelMarine Museum

21. Diglipur 22. Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park 23. Saddle Peak National Park 

24. Chatham Saw Mill 25. Laxmanpur Beach 26. Vijaynagar Beach 27. Sitapur Beach  

28. Amkunj Beach 29. Stewart Island Beach 30. Mount Harriet National Park

31. Guitar Island Beach 32. North Bay Island 33. Cinque Island 34. Avis Island

35. Campbell Bay 36. Sri Vetrimalai Murugan Temple 37. Lamiya Bay Beach

 38. Galathae Park


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